The Development of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Oriented Activities (Visual Materials and Applied Trainings) for Natural Stone Mining Sector to Prevent Occupational Accidents and Injuries



Overall Objective(s): To increase the awareness of OHS conditions in natural stone mining sector to reduce mortal accidents, injuries.

Specific Objective(s): To organize OHS workshops and trainings; to provide information guides, mobile applications, animation film and development of human resources (use of personel protective equipment (PPE), risk analysis, safety work) by applied trainings; to provide the establishment of a preventive health and safety culture; to upgrade OHS in natural stone mining sector to the level in EU countries.

Expected results: Provision of the awareness of the importance of OHS; improvement of OHS (risk analysis, conditions, use of PPE) of selected pilot companies and other relevant mining companies; preparation of information documents (guides with standard working instructions, OHS mobile application); upgrading of OHS in natural stone mining sector in Turkey to the level in EU countries by visiting foreign companies.